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KUKA Robot Rigs

Robot Animator® for Autodesk® Maya® 2017 includes selected major KUKA robot models in both Inverse Kinematic and Forward Kinematic versions. Each model is highly accurate to factory spec for full throttle performance inside Robot Animator.

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Automatic Speed Analysis

Robot Animator® has built in acceleration management tools for realistic robotic choreography. Saving valuable time in your complex robotics production workflow.

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Simple User Interface

The Robot Animator® simplified GUI for new users will have you programming a real robot in minutes. If you are an experienced Maya user you will be very comfortable with the elegant simplicity of Robot Animator integration into the overall Maya workflow.

What is Robot Animator?

Robot Animator is a plugin for AutoDesk Maya which provides complete animation based programming for KUKA robots.

Robot Animator makes it very simple to create and program fluid motion with your robot.

Robot Animator makes it possible to “animate” a physical robot and generate a program that instructs the real robot to move in exactly the same way.

Robot Animator supports a variety of frame rates for compatibility with camera systems, computer graphics pipelines, and 3D projection mapping.

The authentic excellence of Robot Animator is the choice of entertainment leaders around the World with a decade of unprecedented proven results across land and sea. Superior integrity and spectacular innovation is built into each and every robotics production enabled by Robot Animator.

KUKA Robot Animator Motion Correction

Robot Animator applies speed and acceleration correction as you animate. Robot Animator conforms your programs to the specifications of each robot model. Motions inside Robot Animator are truly WYSIWYG. What you see in Robot Animator, is what you get on the real robot.

Easy Automatic Code Generation

No coding required. Robot Animator automatically generates all required robot program code, ready to load and run on the KUKA KR C4. Exactly zero programming knowledge required with Robot Animator. Extreme robotics programming with KUKA robots is here for all to experience.

Built and Maintained by the Experts

Robot Animator is designed by andyRobot, the patent award winning pop entertainment robotics designer. For more than a decade, major entertainment industry leaders rely on andyRobot for their advanced robotics systems.

andyRobot and his inner circle of developers bring their deep vertical expertise in the field of entertainment robotics, to you, with Robot Animator.

Used by Entertainment Industry Leaders since 2005

Robot Animator is the choice of Royal Caribbean International to create the first robotic entertainment on a deep ocean vessel for its smart ships Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.

Robot Animator software was used on the Bon Jovi World Concert Tour in 2009 to create the groundbreaking RoboScreen® stage designed by TAIT TOWERS and was featured on the software box of Autodesk® Autocad® 2012.

Robot Animator was used to program the infamous mau5bots for EDM Icon Pop Star deadmau5.

Robot Animator was used by Nihon Stage Tokyo to program the robotic mega shows across Japan for Pop Idols KIS-MY-FT2 in 2013.

Supported Platforms

Robot Animator for Autodesk® Maya® 2017 Windows
Robot Animator for Autodesk® Maya® 2017 Mac
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